& nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] near the 2015 Women's World Cup, he has a 1995 FIFA Women's World Cup champion, and 2000 Olympic women's football gold medal in the double honor of the Norwegian team is undoubtedly a noteworthy team, but in the their own opinion, but the chance of winning the team may be because the body of the Nike jerseys affected. June this year, is in Group B of the Norwegian team to Canada to face Germany, Cote d'Ivoire and Thailand, while the women and football spotted two markets Nike in January this year became quite the potential of the team's sponsors. But in recent years into a massive market, Nike women's sports clothing design did not allow these professional female athletes feel satisfied, but these shirts are described as "men and women", "We know they (Nike) has been done to the best and they did not have enough time, but a little disappointed that we should be walking around wearing this dress looks a bit like a tent. "Norway captain Trine Roenning representation. "Ideally we customize Retro jordans for sale their clothing for ladies, but with partners to carry out this work is time consuming." Marketing director Ove Nystuen women's team, "said the World Cup would not be the only custom clothing for women race. " January 5 this year, the Chinese Football Association announced the signing with Nike, Nike became the Chinese soccer team equipment sponsor of this cooperation will continue until 2026. And with the Chinese Women dressed in Shenzhen on January 11 in the Women's Nike uniforms unveiled four country, as well as users in the Baidu Post Bar in the national football players who tucao for uniforms. About Women soccer sport clothing, it was the exact opposite view holds that girls should wear tights. FIFA Master Xi Saipu? Blatter (Sepp Blatter) had said female soccer players should wear tight shirts, "should allow female athletes to wear more feminine, such as wearing tight shorts." Then he said "If it is in the rain game, female football players wear tight sports shirt, it must be very sexy." When Blatter this proposal is disclosed, then h cheap jordans for sale e met with strong protests from feminist organizations. The Norwegian team wearing Nike shirts are not the only problems encountered clothing that, in addition to women's soccer, the sort of discussion has also focused on table tennis. The way to competition from scoring have occurred in recent years, with the movement of a ball change more noticeable change is that more female athletes wore dresses. September 2007, women's table tennis World Cup held in Chengdu, before the semi-finals begin, ITTF held a "Women's tennis clothing fashion show" in the promotion of female athletes more stylish dresses game service at the same time, a more important purpose is the image of table tennis to tennis this represents a female sexy and healthy sport closer. In April this year the upcoming table tennis world championships, the Chinese women's team disclosed there are two sets of three sets of clothes are dresses, including a dress. Nvping team leader Huang Biao in an interview that "there are sports brand companies to design clothes, after the finis Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping hed product came out, everyone was very friendly, has been put on." He said, "to use the World Championships on the future competition will certainly continue, it also can show the players of youthful vitality. " Like with the Orangemen, even if the athletes have been put on, or have friends Tucao "not acceptable, it is better to wear shorts," "Shorts Skirts indifferent, or to see the design." Now you know, wear clothing in female athletes who always raises an important reason widely discussed is that these clothes not only to serve the athletes, have to satisfy the audience. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: Greedy cat shoes)& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation Recently, the international environmental organization Greenpeace's latest report, "Tong river pollution - a global brand clothing toxic and harmful residues Survey" (hereinafter referred to as "residual Report "), he noted all Adidas (Adidas), Burberry (Burberry), Disney (Disney) and Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping other 12 international brands of children's clothing toxic and harmful substances are detected. The report said that the detection of more than a third of the samples produced in the detection rate of China, toxic and hazardous substances up to 96.6%. Greenpeace claim these brands immediately eliminate its supply chain uses and releases of hazardous substances. Dyeing link vulnerabilities According to reports, Greenpeace in May 2013 to June in the global 25 countries and regions worldwide procurement of 82 children and infant clothing samples include Adidas, Nike, Puma, Disney, H & amp; M, Uniqlo, 12 well-known brands, all samples were sent to a third party has been certified independent laboratory for analysis testing. The results show that all brands have detected toxic substances. 61% of the samples detected nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPE). Samples plastisol printing has 94.3% contain phthalates, and children's apparel and footwear products are waterproof function of all detected perfluorinated compounds (PFCs). It is understood th Retro jordans for sale at phthalates have reproductive toxicity, may affect the development of reproductive organs, and reduced sperm count and infertility-related, can enter the body through contact with hand to mouth, a threat to children and pregnant women are particularly worth attention. Some industry experts said that nonylphenol (NP) and before this substance caused widespread concern plasticizers, are added during the production of chemicals on the human reproductive health hazard. While this material on clothing can be washed off the floods came, but after entering the water body will continue to affect the environment, thus becoming the health risk factors. It is reported that, after the "Greenpeace" has repeatedly released similar inspection data. In 2012, the organization in order to raise people's awareness, special arrangements organized a so-called "toxic fashion show" in Beijing, China, to attract people to their alleged case of two-thirds of the garment finished products containing toxic substances. The organization has been pushed into 2020 rou cheap jordans online ghly zero discharge of hazardous substances goals clothing goods. In fact, in recent years, in fact, environmental organizations disable apparel NPE, phthalic acid esters and other substances voice has always existed, but the domestic apparel industry has been difficult landing. "NPE and phthalates mainly in the printing segment." A garment industry experts said, China's textile industry now, many dyes are still difficult to do without, on the one hand is based Alternative dye high costs, on the other hand an alternative choice of dyes is relatively small. "Not only China, Southeast Asia and other countries do not in fact disabled NPE in garment industries." In addition, some analysts have pointed out, may also be related to the problem of trade barriers. "In fact the degree of harm may not be to that extent, for example, Sudan harmful, but the day may eat huge amount of egg yolk containing Sudan's only possible harmful." Some environmentalists have called, the Government should formulate relevant to strict standards, regulations and p cheap jordans for sale mens olicies, as soon as public a blacklist and phase-out schedules of hazardous substances. It also requires Burberry, Adidas and other brands made the commitment as soon as possible, non-toxic, effective elimination of toxic and hazardous substances, and the use and disclosure of information releases, subject to public supervision in order to prevent further accumulation of toxic and hazardous substances in rivers, threatening the environment and human health. Adidas "addiction" It is worth noting that some leading brands to toxic products are being detected in the detection of residual toxic substances. Such as H & amp; high concentration of ionic and volatile perfluorinated compounds M pants contained; Uniqlo waterproof jacket in volatile perfluorinated compounds; C & amp; shoes A in a high concentration of NPE; Puma sneakers were seized high concentrations of organic tin. In fact, so far, 18 well-known companies will be committed to the goal to achieve before January 2020 zero emissions of toxic and hazardous substances. Wherein like Man cheap jordan shoes for men go and Zara and other brands have begun to publish their emissions information provider for hazardous substances, but there are brands such as Adidas make commitments without any concrete action is still lacking realistic detailed plan, also refused to consumption suppliers who disclose their emissions of hazardous substances information. But, this is detected toxic brands, Adidas and other brands is not the first time the list. in August 2011 released a report "fashion poison 2: poison hidden in clothing - global brand clothing toxic and harmful substances remaining survey", Greenpeace said, the survey found, Adidas, Li Ning and other famous international brands clothing and shoes, in the production process used NPE. In the detection of a year later, Adidas again list. In August 2012, Greenpeace test report still shows that Adidas and other 14 sports apparel brand, there is a material used for health and environmentally harmful chemical substances perfluorinated compounds (PFC) and the like. After the exposure, Adidas rapid clarificat cheap foamposites ion, Miller says more than singing nicely Adidas to public commitments in their public statements: will phase out its supply chain and products of all hazardous substances by 2020, and will immediately Eliminated environment action hormone substances NPE (nonylphenol ethoxylates). But a year later, the "drug-free future," the brand but was life and life to fan a slap in the face. Some experts believe that "effective and credible enterprises have detoxified commitment should gradually achieve zero discharge of toxic substances in 2020 as the goal, and contains the following elements: core principles, information disclosure and comprehensive elimination of" core principles in this part of the business should be detailed clearly define the precautionary principle, zero emissions of harmful substances, the responsibility of individual enterprises and the public's right to know. Some experts pointed out, replace old varieties with higher toxic green dye, the garment industry, "narcotics," the only way. According to reports, at present, has the Cheap air jordans for sale chemical manufacturers to provide safer alternatives, the cost can be kept flat with toxic chemicals. Therefore, we hope Adidas and other manufacturers to use safer alternatives. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: shoes famous network & nbsp; global fashion brand network & nbsp; China Garment Network.)adidas Originals's Stan Smith shoes are one of the most popular retro classics around the world today. Now, the Adidas Skateboarding series has also introduced the Stan Smith OG color shoes. But the tongue position improved design, the breathable mesh replaced leather material, and the tongue of Stan Smith Lable and the heel of the clover Logo are presented with silver. This section is available on the Sneaker Politics website and is priced at $70. It appears that Jordan Brand has teamed up with Public School once again and this time they use the Air Jordan 12 as the silhouette. Advertisment The last design were two Air Jordan 10 versions, and now they take their talents to design this premium Air Jordan 12. The shoe is fully built with a premium suede upper that is full covered in all-Dark Grey and Black. Other details include the PSNY logo on the tongue and sock liner, finished with Public School wording on the insole. Air Jordan 12 PSNY Release Date Check out the detailed images below and look for the Public School Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? to release on December 12th, 2015 at select Jordan Brand retail stores, including Nike.com at 3PM EST. The retail price tag will be set at $300 USD. Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? Dark Grey/Dark Grey-Black 130690-003 December 12, 2015 $300 RELATED: Air Jordan Release Dates UPDATE: The Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? will once again release tonight exclusively on publicschoolny.com at 8PM EST via J23App. ?C Anyone get lucky? UPDATE: Public School will be re-releasing their Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? tonight at 8PM EST exclusively on publicschoolnyc.com. UPDATE: The Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? will be debuting tomorrow, December 12th and they??ll be housed in a familiar slide-out box that is used on the brands iconic Air Jordan 11 silhouette. Check out a few detailed images below via JD and let us know how many of you will be copping these this weekend in the comments section? UDPATE: The Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? will be available on December 12th on Nike.com at 3PM ET and 12PM PST. Retail is set at $300 USD. @Xx_Jonathan The Air Jordan 12 Public School launches 12.12 at 3pm ET for $300. Please stay tuned for the latest. Nike.com (@nikestore) December 8, 2015 UPDATE: Nike has released official images of the highly anticipated Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? that will be releasing on December 12th. UPDATE: Jordan Brand has announced the official release date for the Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? that will debut on December 12th, 2015. UPDATE: The Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? now has a release date set for December 12th, 2015 via @_PO2345 with a look at the tag label. UPDATE: While we still wait for a release date, here are a few on-feet images of the Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? via @copkickz. UPDATE: Here are the latest detailed images of the Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? collaboration that is still without any release details at the moment. Stay tuned for more updates. UPDATE: Following a few set of preview images, we finally have a detailed look via @us11hustla at the Public School x Air Jordan 12 Retro that is fully dressed in a Dark Grey/Black color scheme with PSNY branding throughout and Public School wording on the insole. Still no release date, but stay tuned for more updates.there is no doubt that every year, the special projects of Philippine Dong and Adidas will always be expected. Today, a new group of photos indicates that this year's projects are particularly exciting. Adidas Originals x Pharrell Human Race new products have now been exposed, as for how the product after, but also let us wait and see, ~, the evergreen of street brands, has always been a big UNDFTD. This time, with "streak" UNDFTD finally put eyes on unabated popularity Ultra Boost. I believe that after the listing of these shoes will draw a large number of consumer concern. The shoes will go on sale next March.