"ZOOM....ZOOM...". Mazda car engine sound line always so beautiful, and flaunt the idea of "ZOOM-ZOOM" but also the achievements of its rebirth after the brilliant, for the exhaust pipe the voice, I believe that no one will not be tempted. Today that is the "ZOOM" of the story, but here is the ZOOM block NIKE dominating the basketball most proud of the thin air. said when production from the first air cushion block in 1982 1982, NIKE officially released its revolutionary base technology: built in AIR-SOLE (air), the first in the same year with the birth of the AIR FORCE 1. The first generation AIR FORCE 1 built-in air cushion and now we can see that the air is still has some differences, as the name suggests i cheap foamposites s completely embedded in the built-in air cushion shoes in the bottom of the first built-in air cushion is an inert gas sealed bag, than now to see the air cushion to thinner, gas volume also some of the smaller, but for bending comfortable. In the bottom layer by layer AIR FORCE 1 gas became the world sports enthusiasts favorite, will be implanted in the bottom of the gas shoes ideas completely subvert the understanding of basketball shoes, then in the actual requirements of basketball shoes in the bottom of formal cushioning the word. It is because the AIR FORCE 1 led to a change in the future of thousands of basketball shoes on the market. But1_200912230501495UDVe.jpg (40.09 KB, download number: 0) downloa Retro jordans for sale d attachments saved to the album 2009-12-23 08:57 upload has been repeatedly before the notice released in Germany Berlin shoe store SOLEBOX SAUCONY joint planning SAUCONY finally complete exposure. Two classic trend shoes Shadow 6000 and Type A3 in OLDSKOOL VS technology running shoes NEWSKOOL shoes suit launched. Two color with black and orange combinations have been foretold, and before the black and blue versions of A3 do not know whether it will launch a separate. 1_2009122305014961qZq.jpg (38.52 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2009-12-23 08:57 upload 1_2009122305014974hBw.jpg (48.29 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2009-12-23 cheap jordans for sale 08:57 upload 1_200912230501498ZBBD.jpg (54.85 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2009-12-23 08:57 upload 1_200912230501491wE8i.jpg (46.03 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2009-12-23 08:57 upload 1_200912230501492NRY7.jpg (49.28 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2009-12-23 08:57 upload 1_200912230501493M3uf.jpg (61.31 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2009-12-23 08:57 upload 1_200912230501494z02 Beijing time on March 22, aged 12 year old Madison - lage Shure peculiar to a great dream that finish 92 counties in Indiana. Last week, she ran out of his thirty-seventh ga Cheap air jordans for sale mes, at present, the completion of the task is still 55. Madison said she hopes to complete this feat before her high school, which means that in the next three years, she will run about 20 counties each year. Madison - lage Shure special from Fort Lawrence, Indiana, at the age of eight, she in parents traction completed a five kilometer race. At the age of nine, Lage Schulte ran so fast that her parents could not keep up. At that time, Lage Schulte said he liked running, when she heard that her parents talking about the challenge of "50 half marathon" she echoed said: "I think in every country all over the world are run five kilometers." Madison's father, Scott told her that this is unrealistic, through in th cheap jordans for sale mens e school study about knowledge of hometown, Madison decided, in every county in Indiana, run a race, "instead of". "We think we can make it more interesting." Scott said, we do not have to go too far, just drove two hours on it. In the morning we take part in the game, then we can have a rest there." 2014 in the summer of, Madison began the challenge, she started from their favorite Tippecanoe, then Croydon and Marengo cave. At present, Madison has run out of thirty-seventh districts and counties, she has a personal best score of 21 minutes 51 seconds. She said that her goal is to run five years in 92 counties, then she also started to read high school. In order to achieve this goal, Madison in the next three ye Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping ars, each year to run about 20 counties. source: sohuMastermind JAPAN x Nike Dunk High series officially debut before 2013-12-08 22:47:12 for everyone to report the Japanese luxury trend brand mastermind JAPAN is likely to cooperate with Nike for the first time at the end of the year, launched a joint edition of Dunk High shoes message. Now, the news has been finally confirmed. The two major brands of the series of cooperation includes two pairs of different color matching Dunk High, black and gray color as the main body to build, continue the mastermind JAPAN consistent dark style. The huge on the crystal bottom; mastermind JAPAN logo is also eye-catching. It is reported that this series will be limited Retro jordans for sale sale in December 8th, priced at 25200 yen.This time, No Vacancy Inn teamed up with Converse joint a new pair of One Star shoes, No Vacancy Inn founder Tremaine Emory and Acyde to Art Dad movement as inspiration, in detail everywhere embodies the elements of ART DAD LLC. At present, the shoe has not yet released the information, interested friends may continue to pay attention to our reports.In addition to Air Presto, Sock Dart objective is to become the main theme of the summer street, and a Nike also launched a series of Safari. The new new yellow, blue and white respectively for the shoe body main tone, and with a black Safari texture throughout the entire mesh shoe body, and create a fashion style in a trans Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping parent band, white and black in the bottom end is equipped with outer bottom show. nike-sock-dart-safari-pack-white-942198-100.jpg (226.51 KB, download number: 25) download Nike Sock Dart Safari officially released 2017-4-25 08:41 upload nike-sock-dart-safari-pack-white-942198-100-3.jpg (298.37 KB, download number: 23) download Nike Sock Dart Safari officially released 2017-4-25 08:40 upload nike-sock-dart-safari-pack-white-942198-100-4.jpg (243.16 KB, download number: 17) download Nike Sock Dart Safari officially released 2017-4-25 08:40 upload nike-sock-dart-safari-pack-white-942198-100-1.jpg (212.83 KB, download number: 20) download Nike Sock Dart Safari officially released 2017-4-25 08:40 cheap jordans online upload nike-sock-dart-safari-pack-white-942198-100-2.jpg (209.43 KB, download number: 18) download Nike Sock Dart Safari officially released 2017-4-25 08:40 upload nike-sock-dart-safari-pack-white-942198-1000 yesterday morning, reporters from the Henan province to undertake industrial transfer of textile and clothing toys fair press conference was informed that the number of foreign enterprises including global footwear retail giant payless group, phase "Henan, textile, clothing, shoe etc. the industrial transfer to the territory of Henan. by the world financial crisis, Chinese textile toy industry gradually from the eastern coastal areas to central and Western regions. After the United States cheap jordan shoes for men payless shoes group will Guangdong shoe factory a number of core enterprises transferred to Henan Province, Fugou, Xihua, Luyi and other counties to establish Shangshui shoes processing base, a number of foreign enterprises and Chinese eastern coastal developed areas of the enterprise have set their sights on Henan. Known as the "China jeans town" with six thousand or seven thousand companies of Guangdong Zengcheng Xintang Town, in January this year, has organized 9 companies hold together in Henan Huaxian textile industrial park. in addition, Henan, Pingdingshan, Luoyang, Zhumadian and other places, but also in the field of textile enterprises settled. The first 4 months of this year, investment in fixed assets in China textile industry rankings, Henan Province rose to third, and was Chinese Textile Industry Association as the textile and garment industry transfer to undertake toy test area, which indicates that Henan province is becoming important to undertake the transfer of textile industry. Chinese in the Midwest, Henan has "East and west", "Jin South and North" location advantage and traffic advantage, textile industry base and Zhengzhou, Xinxiang, Anyang and other places with a certain scale. In addition, Henan cotton resources and labor resources advantages, China is one of the world's major cotton producing country, the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River region of Henan is located in China three major cotton producing areas, the textile industry is rich in raw materials; textile and clothing footwear industry is labor-intensive industries, and the large population of Henan, rich and cheap labor. These show that the resource advantage richly endowed by nature, has become Henan province to undertake the transfer of the destination should be reasonable. at the same time, Henan province and the Ministry of railways, China civil aviation bureau, Ministry of land and resources signed a memorandum of cooperation, and promote a number of railway and civil aviation project to start a new round of land use planning is also approved in the first Chinese; strategic cooperation with China Southern Airlines, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom Chinese the Chinese medicine group, has also made progress, and China peace, Alcoa and other 9 domestic and foreign enterprises signed a strategic cooperation agreement, to create a good investment environment and transportation hub for foreign companies. as to the foreign in Henan to create a good platform for communication and negotiation atmosphere, by the Henan Provincial People's government, China Textile Industry Association in Henan province to undertake industrial transfer of textile and clothing toys fair "will be held on September 3rd to 4 at the Zhengzhou International Exhibition center. It is fair to "cooperation, exchange and development, CO)